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Gospel-Centered Homemaking

blue envelope that says, "For You!," and has a gold wax seal that says, "Open!"
Open the letter for a special note from Katie.
My dear friend, Your heart has been heavy with trying to make sense of this world. There is so much evil and hatred everywhere you turn. I know you wonder if there is really any purpose to this life. No matter how hard you try, you just cannot find joy. Do you know the King of Kings? Have you heard of Him? He holds the entire world in His hands. He has a plan and purpose for you! Let's unwrap the mystery and character of God together. You will be left in awe of His majesty. Blessings, Katie

Who is the King of Kings?

Discover who God is and why you matter so much to Him.

Katie L. White

Founder of Grace + Thanks.

There is much awe and wonder around the character of God.  As people, we try to make sense and reconcile our thoughts about who God is.  We often fall short of realizing a morsel the full character of God. 

For many, we make assumptions without proof of who He is.  We fit God into our narrative so that we are not held accountable for our actions.  We give up on God because we are under the false understanding that He gave up on us.  We find our source of truth in how we feel rather than in God’s actual Word.

Today, we are going straight to the Bible, God’s Word, to know more about Him and His character.  You will find a God who is just and merciful, a God who shows His wrath against sin and who loves us more than we could ever imagine, and a God who created you, but allows you to have free will to live how you want to live.

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